Energy Clearing

Do you feel tired for no reason? Does your energy feel depleted? Do you feel uncomfortable in your home? Perhaps you could benefit from an energetic clearing in your home! Everyone deserves to live in a relaxing and peaceful environment where the energies are clear and in balance.

When should you clear your space?
  • When you move into a new home

  • If you are trying to sell your home

  • If you entertain frequently

  • During or after transitional changes (death, ending of a marriage through separation or divorce)

  • If you are feeling tired or depressed for no reason

  • After a long-term illness

  • Your home feels stagnant or cluttered

  • You feel blocked from your creativity or passion


Clearing the energies in your home can take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours, depending on the size of your home. My process includes a short meditation and grounding prior to starting followed by a methodical clearing of your home. Often, my preferred method of energy clearing involves incense or burning herbs & plants known for cleansing energy, but I also use Reiki and sound to move stagnant energy and add protection. I will also show you how to set an intention and utilize our custom clearing spray so that you can clear your own home on a regular basis.



Is this smudging?

Smudging is the common name given to a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition. As a non-indigenous person, I do not offer this ceremony. However, the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions. I offer a way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences and is also an effective method for energizing or blessing a person, place or object.


Energy clearing can be useful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell or after you have had an argument with someone. It is common to cleanse yourself, the space and all the guests or participants before a ritual or ceremony or celebration. You can also clear energy when negative people have been in your home or there has been a loss or death in your family.


There are many ways to clear energy and a variety of herbs that can be used. Most people are familiar with sage, sweetgrass, cedar and palo santo, but others that are effective can include mugwart, juniper, rosemary, yerba santa, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, lavender, pine etc. We can discuss what your goal is for clearing your home and can pick appropriate herbs or incense for your specific purposes.

This service is currently not available due to COVID-19.