Oracle Card Readings

Spread Options


Single Card: $10

Flow Reading (3 cards): $22

Six-month Outlook (6 cards): $47

12-month Outlook (12 cards): $77

Connect with your guides through Oracle Cards


Oracle Cards are similar to Tarot Cards, but they are less involved, easier to understand and usually easier to interpret. They are a tool that we can use to connect with our higher selves, guides and/or spirit to ask for inspiration, assistance or guidance.

I am currently using two different decks and intuitively pick the best deck to use for each reading.

You can add oracle card readings to any of the in-person sessions I offer in Calgary or I they can be completed remotely – I will provide the information and photos of the cards to you via email after I have completed the reading.

Single Card: $10


Flow Reading
(3 cards – past, present, future): $22

Medicine Wheel
(4 cards – north, south, east, west): $28

Six-month Outlook: $47

12-month Outlook: $77