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Spirit Guides

Updated: Apr 27

Have you ever had something spontaneously pop into your thoughts? Had something whispered in your ear when you were in a time of stress? Notice the same numbers or symbols repeatedly?

There’s a good chance you thought it was your imagination – but you have spirit guides who are always available to you, even if you don’t believe in them. And, they’re the source for these spontaneous thoughts, feelings or signs that we sometimes get. You know, that time you “just had a gut feeling” about something? It was likely a spirit guide giving you a nudge. The great part is, they want to help you – all you have to do is connect with them!

There are different types of Spirit Guides – some have lived their lives here on earth and some have not. They also have different functions – some are here for you spiritually (to help you on your life journey), some are healers, some are protectors, but they’re all here to bring you happiness and joy.

You can call on different guides for different things you want help with. They include:

Ancestral Guides: These guides are from your family tree. It can be someone you knew and trusted, or someone so far back you never even met them. They can even be someone you were connected to in a past life. They are here to watch out for their descendants and help with practical maters in your daily life.

Professional Guides: These people were experts in their field while they were alive and are here to offer professional advice.

Animal Guides: This can be a beloved pet who wanted to stay with you or it can be a spirit animal with you to share his wisdom. They can be messengers, journey animals or life guides.

Ascended Masters: These are the Master Teachers from all kinds of lineages and backgrounds. They were once human and have chosen to become guides for those who need them. They are mentors who are here to help you fulfill your spiritual contract. Some ascended masters include Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Freya, Ares, Vishnu etc. – the list is quite extensive, none-the-less, they are here to help you grow and evolve spiritually.

Your Higher Self: This is the still, quiet voice within, not the negative one. Guidance from your higher self is a great source of valid information, you just need to develop some intuitive insight and learn how to listen.

Angels & Archangels: This one kind of speaks for it’s self. Angels and Archangels are often happy to help us with various things like cutting & healing cords/tethers, general guidance, protection, being more compassionate etc. They are classified as beings and have never been on earth (aside from a few). Though we call on the angelic realm often, our Spirit Guides are actually more equipped to provide us with more personalized messages and advice. Angels and Archangels definitely have their place and are incredibly powerful allies when we need them.

I can help you connect with your Guides through channeled messages, where you get the opportunity to ask them questions and gain insight, or through Oracle cards. Whatever your preference is, I am happy to facilitate.

If you want to connect with your guides, check out Connect With Your Spirit Guides.

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