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7 Crystals for 7 Chakras

Updated: May 4, 2020

I did an interview for a friends' facebook group on the seven main chakras and crystals that correspond with each one. I channeled the crystal information and some of the crystals chosen ended up being a little non-traditional, so I figured I should put the information in writing here for everyone instead of just in my journal.

Root Chakra – Petrified Wood

This crystal is great for grounding and organizing scattered energy. It is only slightly protective, but is excellent for solidifying your connection to the earth and promoting stability. It is also great for getting unstuck and moving forward.

Sacral Chakra – Orange Calicite This crystal helps connect all aspects – mind, body & spirit – and adds positive energy to all aspects related to the Sacral Chakra. It helps with emotions, enhances creativity and helps ignite the fire within.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine This crystal promotes creativity and self expression, it revitalizes and motivates. It helps release fear-based behaviours related to the Solar Plexus, undesired traits & phobias. It also pairs well with bergamot essential oil.

Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine This crystal is great for the circulatory system and emotional freedom. It balances masculine and feminine energies, releases negative energy and blocks in the Heart Chakra and is very protective of your heart space. It is in the quartz family, so will also amplify other energies – making it great to use with affirmations.

Throat Chakra – Blue Kyanite This crystal is great for self expression and encourages communication. It helps release fear-based issues related to the Throat Chakra & aides in speaking your truth. It is also highly protective and will help clear negative emotions & blockages in your energy field and helps repair your aura.

Third Eye Chakra – Flourite This crystal aides in mental clarity and clear communication. It is highly beneficial to all upper chakras. It is a calming stone and great for stress along with being highly balancing and neturalizing. It boosts concentration, self-confidence and decision making. Fluorite also works with our DNA and can help repair our aura and any spiritual injuries, even from the past.

Crown Chakra – Moonstone with Biotite Mica This crystal is a mix of moonstone and black mica and therefore draws properties from each the moonstone and the mica – which is a mineral, but still has some great properties. It brings in healing energy from your crown and allows the energy to flow through your entire system to balance, it also allows the energy to diffuse its self throughout the aura. It helps us remember our true nature, it is soothing and calms sleeping patterns, deflects negativity and connects us to our Higher Self and aides in channeling. It can also help with emotional trauma, keeping our thoughts organized and help us release patterns that no longer serve us.

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