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My Reiki Journey

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I thought I would tell a bit of my Reiki story because I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, so I think this might prove to be interesting for those of you who are a little skeptical. I’m not going to get technical or anything, so I hope you enjoy.

My best friend and I have been friends since college. We are pretty much polar opposites and we weren’t always best friends. We lived in residence and our rooms connected through a shared bathroom. Eventually though, we became great friends and she followed me out west a year after I moved to Calgary. We lived together for several years, then we started going our separate ways. She got engaged, moved out, got married and had her first child. Through that I was always there for her… you know how close friendships can be – you don’t need to even speak for a while and you can just pick up where you left off the last time. I am pretty sure that no matter what happens in our lives, we’d always find each other again. I also know now that this friendship was forged so that we could build our relationship and have a solid building block for our lives today.

While she was on maternity leave with her daughter, she had started taking Reiki training. I was totally surprised since she hadn’t even mentioned it to me at all. Until one day she asked if I wanted to try a session so that she could get some practice. So, I asked “What’s Reiki?” and the typical “energy healing” explanation was thrown my way. And I laughed. It was pretty far-fetched, to me. I asked her to explain exactly what would happen and more “vagueness” followed. The basics of the conversation were that I was going to lay on her massage table and she was going to hold her hands either above or on my body and let the energy flow through. I was happy for the promise not to touch my feet (LOL). The session would take about an hour and I should wear something comfortable. I probably laughed again and probably called her crazy. My brain just couldn’t comprehend this whole concept – I was in the middle of a dog training apprenticeship course and I was working in a very technical space – but I said I would try a session out. She’s my best friend (crazy or not), so of course I would support her and help her meet this goal.

I remember that I was super nervous for my first session… I had no clue what might or might not happen, I also had no idea if it would do anything to me or what it would feel like. I also remember though, that I held absolutely no expectations. It seemed very important at the time.

My first session was interesting and that’s basically how I explained it to everyone. I remember being very calm and relaxed through the entire session, like my soul was getting a massage. I felt very refreshed and balanced afterwards – it was great. When I’m concentrating, I have a habit of clenching my jaw. This used to happen a lot, especially if I’d been doing a lot of reading or was stressed out. Some mornings I would wake up in such pain because I clenched my jaw the entire night. For three nights after my first session, I did not clench my jaw in my sleep at all and as a result, had amazing sleeps. I told everyone this. I think my exact statement was, “After my Reiki session, I didn’t clench my jaw for three nights in a row, if that’s all I get out of it, that’s good enough for me”. When I’m awake, I do have to be conscious of not clenching my jaw, especially if I’m reading, but now, when I sleep, I rarely clench it anymore and if I do, I just do self Reiki.

A lot of things gradually shifted in my life after that and I found myself on the path I’m on now. It’s the path I’ve always been meant for, Reiki just helped me find it. The funny part is that I didn’t believe in it at first and here I am. This doesn’t mean that everyone who receives Reiki will suddenly find themselves re-thinking their lives or career paths, it just means that if you are meant for something bigger, you will probably find it easier. After several sessions though, you might find that people or things that are toxic for you may start drifting out of your life. You might start craving or selecting healthier foods without even realizing it and there is a very good chance you might find your self frequently in a better mood– feeling good; better about yourself; your life and everything around you. It is also highly likely that people will notice, which is never a bad thing. When we allow Reiki energy into our lives, it always works for our highest good and from my personal experience Reiki is always gentle with us.

Reiki really is one of those things you have to try for your self. Energy healing explanations usually don’t to anything to convince skeptics to try them, but I can honestly say, the largest hold-back I think I ever encounter is fear. Don’t be afraid! One of the biggest fears I hear is that I’ll somehow know everything about you after the session. I’m not a mind-reader and that isn’t what Reiki is about. Once a Reiki session starts, I’m not going to know all of your secrets or what’s going on in your head. What I will pick up are where the energy imbalances are. That’s it. Everybody has energy imbalances, all the time. Reiki simply helps your body fix that. I’ll be able to give you suggestions to help work with certain Chakras and I know the general reasons for each Chakra to be out of balance but I won’t know exactly what your personal issue is unless you want to talk about it and work through it. If you make that choice and you want someone to guide you through something you’ve been struggling with, I will happily help you (or make more appropriate suggestions), but it’s not required. It’s OK to be afraid of trying it, I was, too. It’s natural to fear something unknown and seemingly unexplaineable, but we must also remember that fear always comes from our ego, not our higher self. Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing Reiki, trying new things or finding your best self.

I hope this bit of background has helped you think about Reiki in a different light. If not, here is a set of frequently asked questions. Feel free to download it and read at your leisure. I also have more general information on Reiki here.

If you live in the Calgary area and are interested in trying Reiki, drop me a line and we can chat. I have a home-studio set up, but I can also travel to your home (female clients only, please). I also have extensive canine behaviour and handling experience and would be happy to assist your pets, if needed.

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