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Product Spotlight: All-Purpose Salve

It's a pretty bland name, I know. There are so many packaging & labeling requirements and so many other regulations around language that it's pretty hard to name a product sometimes, never mind describe it. In the case of my all-purpose salve, it's a workhorse with a ton of properties.

This salve contains comfrey, plantain, calendula & yarrow, plus essential oils of lavender and frankincense, which are all known to help assist in soothing skin irritations. This natural, all-purpose salve helps soothe skin and keep it clean while recovering from distress, irritations and dryness.

The salve should be applied immediately after irritation occurs and applied as-needed, or several times per day for best results. However, because it does contain some super strong herbs, I would recommend that it isn't applied to deep lacerations immediately, but after the healing process has already begun and is established. It should not be ingested. This product can also be used on large animals (dogs and bigger), provided you can prevent them from licking/ingesting it – beeswax is super tasty to dogs!

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