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Product Spotlight: Body Butter

This is one of my most popular products, aside from the Arnica Salve. It was designed specifically for dry skin. For my boyfriend, in fact! His heels were so cracked one winter that he was having issues walking. After plenty of research on beneficial butters, oils and essential oils, I came out with this recipe – and it hasn't changed since! After two months of daily use, he was pleasantly surprised that his heels had seen a complete 180! My Ultra Body Butter is perfect for extremely dry skin because of all the goodness in it, but it's also not as greasy as you would expect and absorbs fairly fast. Fast enough that I use it as a hand moisturizer. It really is versatile enough for an all-over-body lotion, though it might be a bit thick for daily face use, it's perfect for wind-burned cheeks.

The beeswax was chosen not only for it's ability to lock in moisture, but also it's soothing properties, cocoa butter is used because it's full of healthy fatty acids and is known for soothing dry, irritated skin and being super hydrating. It is also very smooth to apply, but quite firm at room temperature, so combines nicely with the beeswax to keep the bar fairly firm until it meets your skin. The coconut oil was chosen, again, for it's soothing and moisturizing properties and more great fatty acids, but also because it is somewhat antimicrobial. Used topically, both frankincense & orange essential oils have shown the ability to help repair skin & cells and reduce inflammation.

The dilution ratios for the essential oils in this butter are quite low. Just enough to make them effective, but still keeping them at safe levels for everyone in your family. Though, you should always make sure you test a small patch of skin before use in case you are sensitive to anything. Caution should be used with essential oil because it can cause sensitization combined with sun exposure.

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