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Product Spotlight: Clear Passage

One of my favourite things is figuring out and making a natural alternative to something we can purchase in any big-box store. A lot of wellness and body care items have lengthy lists of ingredients, most of which are synthetic. There is also a synthetic version of just about any natural substance – but is that better for us?

Clear Passage is a natural vapour rub and it took me three seasons to get right. I don't get sick often, so I heavily relied on everyone else around me to test and offer feedback. My original recipe had shea butter in it, but shea can have a specific scent and it was a little off-putting when rubbing it under your nose. Then I also experimented with the ingredients to see if I could get it more clear and jelly-like to be similar to the synthetic products on the market. This partially worked, but it didn't stay as stable as I wanted when the temperature got too warm, so I scratched that idea.

I chose mango butter as the solid butter in this recipe because it is scent-free, and is very smooth to work with. It blends quite nicely with coconut and with these two combined, remain solid at room temperature (and warmer), but melts very easily when applied to the skin. Mango butter is also super nourishing for your skin, full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it absorbs quickly and is great for all skin types.

The essential oils I picked took a while to perfect, naturally. I needed something that would work but remain safe for most age-groups. As a result, this product is safe for topical application on ages 3 and up. All of the essential oils have been used in aromatherapy help relieve colds and coughs along with joint and muscle pain, which often accompanies colds. It can even sooth sore muscles in a pinch!

Overall, I think this product is a great addition to every medicine cabinet. Even if it took me 3 seasons to figure it out!

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