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Product Spotlight: Spray Smudge

This is one of my favourite products to make and I love being able to make it for others. Each smudge bottle is made-to-order, so they're always fresh and ready to use. If you're unsure of what smudging is, you can visit my page on Space Clearing, then read on to see why a spray smudge may be ideal for you.

There may be instances where burning herbs/plants may not be ideal. For example, work, bad weather, respiratory issues, in your car or the smell may not be pleasant to others around you. I have selected very specific, high quality essential oils for use in my spray smudge. Combined, these essential oils have a delightful, earthy smell and are just as powerful at adding protection and removing unwanted or negative energies as a traditional smudge bundle, but with the added convenience of being able to use it in your car, at work, on yourself or someone else whenever it's needed.

What's in it? Glad you asked! The foundation of my spray smudge is a black tourmaline elixir that I make myself and infuse during a full moon. Black tourmaline is a powerfully grounding stone, but it's also protective and great at dispelling negative energies of all kinds. It's also great at turning your own negative thoughts and emotions in to positive, useful energy. Sage helps restore balance, remove negative energies and raise the energetic vibration to help attract positive energies. Cedarwood is steeped in metaphysical history, but is well known for it's abilities to cleanse, heal and protect and is frequently used to dedicate sacred spaces. Juniper is another herb with a ton of history, but is used in my spray for its purification and protective qualities. Clary sage is less known, but is also used here for its amazing protective qualities. It is also commonly used for hormonal imbalances and lady-problems and is an emmenagogue, so for this reason, I won't recommend it for use if you are pregnant. If you are, let me know and I will make you a spray without it, or with a replacement! Finally, I have added lemongrass to the mix. It brightens the scent, but also is great at cleansing and purifying, especially for clearing obstacles, changing luck and improving communication.

As you can see, this spray is chalk full of clearing and protective qualities and trust me – it smells AMAZING! The best part about it, is that it's 100% portable and I've come across very few people who don't like it. For those facts alone, it is now part of my Reiki kit. I use it to clear my table and blankets before and after each session, but I also bring it with me when I travel to someones home for a session so I can clear the space I'm using before each session. The benefit here is twofold; first, it clears the space and helps facilitate a great Reiki session and second, most of the essential oils used in the spray are relaxing/calming on some level, so everyone gets a really nice chance to fully relax even before the Reiki starts!

The spray comes in a 4oz spray bottle and each bottle is infused with Reiki when I apply the labels, I sell them for $20 each. Email, check out my shop or Facebook message me if you'd like to try it out! Because each order is custom made, they can take a few days to put together.

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