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Reiki Gatherings

Think about all those popular home-parties, but now, think about having one that’s for the health and well-being of you and your guests! This is a great way to bring you and your friends together for an afternoon/evening of relaxation, peace and healing.

Reiki Gatherings are perfect if you are curious about Reiki or not sure if you want to commit to a full session, or simply want to learn more and experience it first-hand.

Host a Reiki Gathering in your home and invite up to five of your friends for a relaxing day/evening event to learn more about Reiki and experience a mini-session. The evening will start off with a quick chat about Reiki along with my own personal story. I will bring my portable massage table and provide interested guests with 15-minute Reiki sessions. Each mini session starts and ends with a check on your chakras to see where imbalances were and how they've balanced after the session. I will discuss what the imbalances may mean and offer suggestions to help keep them in tune. If there is interest, I will also show you and your guests how to ground yourself and cleanse your home of any stagnant energy. What a great way to relax and unwind!

Add Tarot Card readings for a little more excitement and fun to your Reiki Gathering, while your guests wait for their Reiki session.

A Reiki Gathering is an excellent idea for a bridal showers, pampering parties, birthday’s, anniversaries, girls-night-in, or simply to allow your friends and family the opportunity to experience Reiki.

The details: The hostess provides a quiet, private room for me to set up my massage table and use for each session. In between sessions, the guests should be encouraged to enjoy each other’s company, the food/activities the hostess provides and/or discuss their sessions with each other. The evening can be as simple as games, music, movies, snacks or whatever the hostess thinks might be enjoyable. You could think about tailoring your entire party around pampering, which might include doing manicures and facials together! Each Gathering will start with a basic introduction to Reiki and a question/answer period. If you are adding Taro Card readings to your Gathering, we will need an additional, small table in a quieter area/corner to facilitate readings.

Cost: Reiki Gatherings are $20/person. If you would like to add Tarot Card readings to the night, the Gathering will be $40/person. Maximum six people (including hostess). Each guest will receive a discount of $10 off a full Reiki session to use at a later date and the hostess will receive 50% off her next Reiki session.

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