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The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra or Suadhisthana, is the chakra that works with our physical health and wellbeing. It also assists in boosting our immune system and keeping the physical body strong, functioning and active. It is the centre of procreation, sexual energy, creativity and pure emotions. It regulates the feelings and emotions that flow through lovers and friends. The Sacral Chakra’s main focus is helping us know that what we have and do is good enough.

Location: The Sacral Chakra is located between your pelvic area and your naval and it opens outward.

Associated Body Parts: This chakra is associated with reproductive organs, ovaries, testes, womb, kidneys, urinary tract, spleen, skin, gallbladder, pelvic area and it recharges the etheric body.

Essential Oils: Jasmine, neroli, orange blossom, ylang ylang

Colour: Orange; Gemstones: Tiger’s eye, carnelian, onyx, amber, citrine, yellow topaz, agate

Symbol: 6-Petaled Lotus; Element: Water

Mantra: VAM; Tone: D; Type of Music: Latin dance

Associated Zodiac and Planets: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio; Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter

Because the Sacral Chakra is concerned with our wellbeing, this means we need to learn how to honour our bodies by giving it what it needs. Things like nutritious food, physical activity/exercise, rest, fun and work all work together to help balance our Sacral Chakra. When we are too indulgent, we burn up energy that the other energy centres need and when we hold back too much, we crave what we deny ourselves. When we feel we deserve the good we want in our lives we will treat ourselves well. When we feel we do not deserve this, we will decline ourselves permission to have the things we want. We must also remember not to link our self-worth to what we do or do not have. We must learn to value ourselves and to honour our spirit.

It is important for us to have a good attitude about health and we should find the right lifestyle to encourage our own regeneration. Eating healthy food, keeping our bodies hydrated, getting plenty of rest and time away from stress will keep us all happy and healthy. When we are faced with stressful situations, it depletes our Sacral Chakra and we must remember to replenish it or it will drain all of our other energy centres. Our Sacral Chakra thrives when we have a balance of discipline and pleasure to aid in our release of stress and tension.

When our Sacral Chakra is out of balance, we are unsure or unstable in sexual and emotional issues, we can not express our feelings and we suppress natural needs. We also feel that we are not good enough or not worthy. We will feel guilty or make others feel guilty for enjoying life. When our Sacral Chakra is in balance, we are considerate, open and friendly. We have no issues sharing our emotions and feelings and are happily connected to life. We also have a great outlook on our health and bodies and respect that we need sufficient rest, nourishment and expression to help us change negative outlooks into positive ones. Most importantly, we know that who we are and what we do is exactly enough.

Physical problems related to the Sacral Chakra in women can include endometriosis, sterility, chronic menstrual cramping, uterine fibroids, problems with ovaries and the cervix. In men, physical issues can include prostate problems, infertility, sexual dysfunction or sciatica.

So, how do you work with your Sacral Chakra? You’ll notice that many of my suggestions will be repeated throughout each blog post. This is because many of the same techniques will help you balance all of our chakras and bring harmony into your life. Some of the most beneficial activities for your Sacral Chakra are things like Yoga, dancing, swimming and walking. Adding one or more of these activities into your routine will help you learn about your body and supply energy to your Sacral Chakra. Incorporating meditation into your life will also benefit this chakra.

Again, wearing orange and focusing on this chakra, imagining a light-filled wheel that is spinning slightly faster than your Root Chakra, at the location between your pelvic area and naval, will help you balance this chakra. Making use of gemstones or essential oils as mentioned in the Root Chakra post will also help. Choose the appropriate gemstones or essential oils from the list above to help you focus on the Sacral Chakra instead.

Mantras that are good for your Sacral Chakra would be something like: “I love my life” or, “There is nothing to change about the way I am. As I continue to love and respect myself, healing happens”.

And of course, Reiki treatments will work on balancing all of your chakras.

Up next will be the Solar Plexus Chakra, which focuses on our personalities and ego!

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