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What is a Spirit Guide Channeling Session like?

I plan on doing a video on this topic, but here's a blog post for those who would prefer to read a story! You're welcome.

Basically, these sessions are nothing like the traditional sessions you might be used to with a medium or psychic, so if you are looking for something a little bit different, this might be for you! The information is essentially coming from the same source but you my friend, are in the driver's seat.

It is really good to come into a session prepared. Have a list of questions that you'd like more information on. I know this is really hard, but you can ask a lot of questions in 30 minutes, so you might as well try to get all you can from it. Usually, we'll get to talk with more than one Guide in a session as well. So, we might start with your general Life Guide, the Guide who's with you for your entire life and we'll talk about a few things and then you'll ask another question that might be more suitable to a different Guide, so we'll talk to that one, too.

How does the session start? I'll ask you what question you would like to start with so that I can connect with the appropriate guide. As I sit, assessing who's coming forward and making sure they are your guides, I'll ask which one is most appropriate to speak with for this question. Once I get confirmation, I will gather information from them or the feelings I get from them and let you know about that Guide. For example, I will find out if it feels masculine or feminine, plus I will find out if it was someone you knew in this life, or if there was a connection in a past life or even if it is someone in your family line from several generations back. Alternately, this guide could be someone not connected in any of these ways, but one you did make an agreement before you reincarnated to work together, or they could be someone who was an expert in a specific area in their life who is here helping you with that area in your life.

Mostly I get "feelings" or words spontaneously popping into my head. It's like my insides are a pendulum. When everything feels aligned, it's a yes. When they don't feel so aligned or don't feel anything, that's a no or maybe. Kind of like that "Hot & Cold" game. So, I'll know when I have one of your Guides, then impressions or fragments of sentences that come across for information that I should relay to you. Sometimes I have to translate a feeling into words, so that can take a second or two and sometimes I will get very clear words that I can repeat to you.

Unfortunately, sometimes the information you get can be vague. "Yes" and "No" questions are difficult to answer, mostly because we are humans and we have this thing called free will. So, when there are different options available, we'll get answers that are a little wishy-washy – especially with relationships or "this or that" questions. For example: "Should I do A or should I do B?" Can have multiple different outcomes, especially if they're both OK options for you at this time. If the answer was A at the time of the session, then you walk out your front door and stop for coffee instead of going straight to work, something may have changed and B ends up happening. It can be as simple as that, but you might be bummed out because A didn't happen! A question like "When will I find my soulmate?" can be a double-edged sword. Answers like: "Work on loving yourself first" is a tough pill to swallow, for sure, but it is actually better than something like: "Soon". This one is funny because in all honesty, we each have probably thousands of potential soulmates out there. Often, it's wrong place, wrong time and things don't align. So maybe "Soon" is what you want to hear, but what if... WHAT IF? You meet your soulmate the next day, but because you haven't done some inner searching on what YOU really want & need, it turns out to be a potential match, wrong time. "Soon" was totally appropriate, but didn't pan out the way you wanted it to.

Some examples of questions that usually work out great and allow us to dig deeper into subjects are things like:

  • What message do you have for me right now? or What do I need to know right now?

  • What will help me with X (insert certain topic)?

  • What should I know about X (insert certain topic)?

  • Is there anything I can do for X (insert certain topic)?

  • I'm thinking about doing X, what should I know about that?

  • Is there anything else I need to know about X (insert certain topic)?

  • What would be a good course of action related to X?

Some of those questions above seem like they could be "Yes" or "No" answers, but what usually happens is, while there might be a yes or no involved, it's accompanied by more information. We can also dig into those answers a little more. Unless of course, that's all your Guide wants you to know right now. But they'll let us know.

The sessions are booked in 30 minute increments and you would really be surprised how much information we can mine in that time, so don't get worried about having too many questions. There is a really good chance we'll get to most of them. Put the important ones in your top five and we'll definitely cover them!

As always, if you have any questions for me about my services, feel free to message on Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me an email! I look forward to working with you, soon!

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