Curious About Reiki?

Why not have a Reiki Gathering in your home?


Gather any friends and family members who might be interested for a fun and relaxing evening.


The evening will start off with a quick chat about Reiki for you and your companion animals, along with my own personal story. I will bring my portable massage table and provide interested guests with 15-minute Reiki sessions. Each mini session starts and ends with a check on your chakras to see where imbalances were and how they've balanced after the session. I will discuss what the imbalances may mean and offer suggestions to help keep them in tune. If there is interest, I will also show you and your guests how to ground yourself and do a basic energy clearing of your home. You may add private Tarot card readings for an additional $20/person.


These gatherings can be as formal or informal as you would like. My goal is to introduce Reiki to everyone in a fun, safe and relaxing way.

This service is currently unavailable due to COVID-19