Rune Intro

I think this is where I'll ruffle a few feathers. It is what it is. I'm working with, exploring and learning the Elder Futhark Rune system with the help of my Guides. I have a few texts that I review, combined with the information my Guides pick out and show or guide me to, but there are also a couple of books that they have very clearly dismissed as valuable (for me, at least). This page will likely constantly change and have blog posts linked to it as I go, but I feel that I need some background information available to those of you who are interested in learning exactly what I do with Runes and how I work with them. I don't read them like you would read Tarot or Oracle Cards, but use them intuitively in healing sessions.

What is the Elder Futhark Rune system?

In a nutshell, they were an ancient form of language. There is also thoughts around them being used as a divination system, but pretty much everything is speculation. I resonate with the idea of them being used at some point in divination and magickal activity, though. There are 24 runes in the Elder Futhark system and each one does have a letter & word association along with a general meaning connected to it. Over time, it transformed into a form of written language, then transformed into other rune systems and languages. Or something similar. The lore is that Odin pierced himself with his spear and hung from the world tree for nine nights to obtain the knowledge of the runes. You can research yourself to death on Norse lore, the Sagas and the Gods, so I won't get into many details here. What I do know is what my Guides share with me and they've been saying (yelling!) that now is the time for humanity to have access to this information again, but it needs to be modernized and brought about in a more practical way for the time we are currently in. You see, the runes have evolved. They have changed in small ways that make them more practical for us to use today. When they were originally discovered or used, life was certainly different. The runes reflected that and they're often read very harsh. While I don't disagree that some of this is still true, I also believe that we need to take another look at how we interact with and harness their energy. I'm throwing out the rule book.

How I work with Runes

I have been exploring the inherent energy offered by different runes and have started incorporating that into Reiki sessions with great success. Since all of my sessions are currently completed remotely, it has also given me the opportunity to really explore how easily the energy flows through distance sessions. Combined with Reiki, the rune energies WANT to work with us. If you are interested in adding rune energy to your Reiki session, it's a free add-on since it all happens intuitively as I'm setting up. When I set up for a distance session, I clear and lay out the crystals that I use to represent your Chakra system, then I feel into the energy around the session and intuitively pick out Runes that might be useful and place them with the Chakras they want to support. As I go through your session, I check in with my Guides to see when the Reiki has done it's job, then I build up the energy for any Rune associated with the Chakra I'm working on. When the energy has built, I infuse it into that Chakra. In the picture below, I used Uruz at the Root Chakra for grounding, stability, strength and healing, Algiz at the Heart Chakra for protection of the heart-space and courage, Ansuz and Raidho at the Crown Chakra to move and increase flow of the life force energy and inspiration through all Chakras. I close the Reiki session with grounding disconnecting our energies from each other and send you an email that highlights the session and any thing you can work on.

If you're curious about what I'm doing, or would like to book a session feel free to get in touch! This is merely my own interpretation of the Runes, intuitively guided by my Guides and I enjoy working with them in this way. I feel strongly that it is time for us to bring them back and use them how they truly want to be used instead of letting their mysteries slowly fade away or be used by other nefarious movements. I also feel that this is a wonderful way to combine multiple modalities for the greatest good.