Connect with Your Guides

We usually have more than one Guide in our life at any given time. Some are with us throughout our lives and some are only there for a specific reason, moving on when that phase of your life is complete. Julie is able to help you connect with your Spirit Guides through channeled messages or Oracle Card readings.

In a 30-minute channeling session, Julie will connect with at least one of your Spirit Guides, give you a description of them and tell you what area of your life they are helping you with. You will receive a message from them and have the opportunity to ask them questions. It is a good idea to come prepared with a few questions you'd like answered so we can connect with the correct guides.

Through Oracle Card reading, you can approach the session with a specific question or just request general guidance and Julie will ask your Guides and Higher Self to provide you insight through the cards. There are four different spreads you can choose from: Single Card, Flow Spread (3 cards, past, present, future); 6-month Reading and 12-month Reading.

Connecting with your Spirit Guides is an excellent add-on to a Reiki session whether it's a distance session or an in-person session. So! If you’re interested in meeting your Guides or even just learning a little more about the process, feel free to contact me or visit my blog for a more detailed explanation.

Connect with at least one of your Spirit Guides and find out what they are here to help you with. You will receive a message from them and have the opportunity to ask the...
Spirit Guide Channeling
30 min
Oracle Card Readings

Single Card: $12

Flow Reading (3 cards): $24

Six-month Outlook (6 cards): $48

12-month Outlook (12 cards): $76

Reiki is not intended to replace traditional medical or veterinary care. It is recommended that you see a
licensed veterinary or health care provider for any physical or psychological ailment you or your pet may have.

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