Reiki Sessions

What can Reiki do for you? Reiki is used to support physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We can manifest disease and other physical problems through un-released emotion or trauma. Our energy centres store, record, and program so much about us, what's happened in our past, and even past lives that it can often take a few sessions and some deep work to start making progress – I won't lie about that. Reiki can assist with the releasing and healing of these emotions or traumas, and is the perfect compliment to traditional medicine or other non-traditional therapies. Reiki is also used for stress reduction, relaxation and to improve overall health and wellness.


Get help for issues like:
  • stress & anxiety

  • relaxation & insomnia

  • increasing the vibrational frequency of your body

  • supporting the immune system

  • addictions

  • grief & fear

  • recovery from an illness, injury, surgery

  • may help with chronic problems

  • relieving pain

  • connecting the mind-body-spirit

  • removing energy blockages – adjusts the energy flow – bringing the body into balance and harmony

I specialize in stress and anxiety reduction for both humans and animals and have extensively worked with fear-based behaviours in dogs for many years. If you would like to explore Reiki to help you work through your stress and anxiety, please email me. I would love to meet you and discuss your goals! You can also visit my blog for more information on Reiki.


Due to COVID-19, I am only offering Distance Reiki sessions until further notice. It does however work exactly the same. You can expect your session to last about 30 minutes or so and I'll probably ask you at time of booking if you're able to give yourself that 30 minutes to relax, lay down and listen to some of your favourite music while I perform your session. Afterwards, I'll send you an email with details about what I intuitively picked up from your session.


Rieki is not intended to replace traditional medical or veterinary care. It is recommended that you see a licensed veterinary or health care provider for any physical or psychological ailment you or your pet may have.